Craft by the New Moon | sowing seeds stitch by stitch

Little Rustic Moon (LRM) is about crafting with intention – crafting means so many things to so many people. For me and what I’ll be speaking to in most of my posts are fiber arts. BUT don’t let that you stop you from reading and applying my teachings below to your craft, trade or skill. Moon energy can have a profound effect on anything you are setting out to accomplish and it’s potential only limited to your mindset.

New Beginnings – the New Moon is the best time to start a new craft or artistic project.

The New Moon, particularly this New Moon February 26 / 27, brings with it monumental energies for change and new beginnings. This moon is particularly powerful as it will be accompanied by a lunar eclipse. Since I’m posting this on the New Moon, it’s likely that it’s occurring now as you read this OR right after. General rule of thumb is the energy is most powerful the day of, but we can tap into the cycle’s energies either 2 days before or 2 days after. This intention / visualization practice I’m sharing can be done day or night. Let’s get to tapping into that Sacred Flow!

Setting Intention:


This is probably the single most important word when it comes to the work I do here at LRM – ‘crafting with intentional energy’. To set you on the right path of action, intention must be set. Think of it as a chain reaction for success. Intention > preparation > action = result. AND as the Universe would have it, these steps are in exact parallel with the Moon Cycle!


New Moon = Intention
First Quarter = Preparations
Full Moon = Action
Last Quarter = Result

In this post, I’ll be focusing on harnessing the New Moon energies. I’ll cover all other Moon phases in later entries.

You must be deliberate with these steps in order to see a favorable result during the complete Moon Cycle.


If you are already clear about what you are setting out to create this can be a very direct step, however if you have any doubt or need more clarity this step could require more time for introspection. For example, if you are going to craft for motion mediation / leisure then I can see this being a quicker step for you than say someone who’s embarking on a completely new skill or craft business endeavor.

To Begin – getting the most out of your Visualization Meditation

If you are new to meditation there are few key points that need to be observed – that apply to most forms of meditation – to get the most out of it:


To really tap into the Sacred Creative Flow and set your intentions on the highest frequencies possible, setting up a favorable environment is key. Find or create a space that gives you the feeling of safety and sacredness. An environment that you know will be uninterrupted allowing you to connect completely. I suggest you smudge your area with sage or palo santo to clear any negative energies.


Natural breathing should deep and grounding. Do not force a rhythm. Each breath should be one of ease, getting more relaxed and more aware of your body with each in and out cycle.


A seated, upright posture is most preferred. Being upright keeps you alert, however this should not cause you pain. I prefer to sit slightly elevated, on a cushion or folded blanket. The importance of posture is so that we are in tune with our body, you feel stable and strong.


This meditation is done with your eyes closed, but closed softly. You should not feel any tension in the face muscles. You should be aware of your surroundings your focus, but your eyes should be shut. If you have trouble with keeping your eyes shut, try setting your gaze low about 2 inches past your nose and focus on focal object in front of you such as a burning candle, favorite crystal or skein of yarn!


The most powerful tool to visualization mediation and key to setting your intentions. When meditating the mind can wander so for me the best way to visualize is to have mindfulness prompt ready for myself that I read before the mediation is underway to guide me. Here’s a list of the types of questions / guided visualizations I use:


– what it is you’re trying to accomplish with your finished craft?
– what is the creations purpose? is my craft intended to bring happiness, to heal, etc.?
– what is MY purpose for investing the energy in this creation?
– can I see any obstacles in your way to completely the creation?
– what will I learn from making/learning this craft?


– all possible results of the completed craft – visualize BIG
– yourself holding or using your completed creation
– the face of the intended receiver with the expression gratitude / love / ______
– yourself overcoming any obstacle you foresee
– If you’re embarking on a new skill, see yourself a complete master of that skill


– the empowering feeling of having all the supplies and a clear path of what you want to create
– the feelings that you feel in that exact moment when you give or sell your creation
– the feelings of accomplishment
– spark of excitement to get started


This is up to the individual, for me I feel complete when I have walked through the complete outcome in my mind. I’ve felt all feelings I’m able to feel and the process feels complete. This is about 10 – 15 minutes.

Upon opening your eyes, take a deep breath in. Sit with your feelings and frequency for another minute. Feel the joy, love and inspiration you feel from tapping into the Sacred Creative Flow.

I’m usually vibrating on such a high level that to complete the practice with a grateful heart I’m compelled to say out loud my gratitude which may sound something like – “Thank you Divine for connecting me to my craft. With skillful hands I welcome growth, knowledge and abundance.” Go with your heart, say out loud what you need to close the circle and set your intentions firmly into your subconscious.

If you feel inspired you may want to journal your thoughts or write intentions on small bits of paper for use in your New Moon ritual. Go with your intuition, do what’s right for you.

It’s my intention that this New Moon visualization mediation practice will help you connect on a higher level with your craft and set into motion a more powerful impact on what you create – for you or other.

Mad love to you ~

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