Interconnectedness & Crafting – the story of LRM

Hello Dear Reader!
Little Rustic Moon is the expression of an idea that has been evolving for a long time.  Throughout my life I’ve created, felt the deep need to express myself and my love for others through my creations. So much so that I’ve made it my career – my day job is as a consumer product designer and developer.  Intuitively but not consciously I infuse my works with love, passion and care. Now that I’ve awoken to the connection, embracing movement meditation into my daily rituals which now include that act of creating.  I’m eager to learn and share as much as I can about this life and mindset changing practice of crafting with intentional energies.

With LRM it’s my intention to

  • Create meaningful content that you may find useful during your journey to spiritual craft connectedness, providing spiritual crafting tools and resources along the way
  • Cultivate the community of intentional spiritual crafters
  • Gather and share crafter and artisan stories in ‘The Thread Podcast’ to archive craft legacies and tribal knowledge to inspire myself and others

Getting this site ready on the New Moon has been a labor of love. I’m so thrilled by the connections I’ve made since starting this journey and I’m eager to have you join me.

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