☽  A Spiritually Connected Crafter – with a love of all things fiber
  A Formally Trained Artist
  A Constant Seeker
☽  A Successful Entrepreneur
☽  An Awoken Wise Woman
  A Moon Priestess Apprentice & Moon Manifestor
☽  A Wife & Step-Mother

Sun: Cancer ♋︎   |  Moon: Virgo ♍︎  |  Rising: Virgo ♍︎

I’m a 50/50 Split of the tangible and intangible

I recognize the connections between the mind and the soul. I’m affected by the cycles of the Moon and the Universal energies of manifestation. I know with every fiber (pun intended) that what I think about, I bring about and my most powerful tool is movement meditation i.e. crafting.

I believe that spiritual growth is often found in the pursuit of self-growth. It’s through a unique synchronicity of the intangible (spiritual) and tangible (scientific) that makes us capable of changing and healing ourselves through mindset and intention.

I’m driven and inspired by the power of myth. The stories that shape our passions, setting us on our lives’ path. I’m passionate about honoring those who have come before us, and imparting to the next generation those skills.

My blog on LRM will be my personal record of exploration and growth on these and other topics.
about_quote-leoThe story of LRM:
In December 2016, the cosmos had my mind, body and soul in chaos. I was in a general state of unrest and unwell; out of compulsion I was creating like crazy – frantically looking for something that would stop or at least slow down this internal clock that was ticking down. Little did I know that I wasn’t alone. The end of 2016 truly marked the end for so many cycles, the end of the Universal year and I was just riding those Universal energy waves. I felt the strongest need to connect to something higher than myself, for the first time in close to a decade.  It was from this longing to ‘feel better’ that I started to read, journal, craft, dabble in spiritual tools… searching for meaning. While searching I connected with a powerful network of Creatrixes and Moon Goddesses and learned about motion meditation. It was a soul game changer. Up to this point I had been crafting and exploring spirituality but they were not yet connected in my mind. It was during Anne Hayman’s 18-week The Moon Sisterhood apprenticeship that I was introduced to movement meditation and had my a-ha! moment. It’s from this spark that Little Rustic Moon took on it’s authentic form and my mission was defined.

Little Rustic Moon is the expression of an idea that has been evolving for a long time.  Throughout my life I’ve created, felt the deep need to express myself and my love for others through my creations. So much so that I’ve made it my career – my day job is as a consumer product designer and developer.  Intuitively but not consciously I infuse my works with love, passion and care. Now that I’ve awoken to the connection, embracing movement meditation into my daily rituals which now include that act of creating.  I’m eager to learn and share as much as I can about this life and mindset changing practice of crafting with intentional energies.

It’s my inspired mission with LRM to
✧ Create meaningful content that you may find useful during your journey to spiritual craft connectedness, providing spiritual crafting tools and resources
✧ Cultivate the community of intentional spiritual crafters
✧ Strive to share crafter and artisan stories in ‘The Thread Podcast’ in an effort to archive craft legacies and tribal knowledge to inspire myself and others.

I put out into the universe the change I want to see in myself.  Come with me on that journey.


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