Meet the Collaborators

I created LRM to empower, contribute to and cultivate a community of spiritual crafters; those who strive for a deeper connection to their craft through their journey of personal growth and use of intentional energy.

My perspective, influenced by my unique life experiences coupled with a multidisciplinary research and academic background, allows me to contribute rich, scientific content and co-create organic wellness products with a unique synergy of science and spirituality.











The collaboration with Dr. Thomas Owen allows me to really explore the tangible and intangible topics. This is a special opportunity for me as Dr. Thomas Owen is my Uncle and it’s through this journey so far we’ve discovered spiritual facets of each other and our bond has become stronger.


The recently launched Crafters’ Apothecary is a way to share the amazing collaborations Thomas, Jenne and I are working on behind the scenes. I’m honored to work with these talented artisans and crafters, creating unique and whenever possible exclusive to LRM spiritual crafter tools infused with the highest frequencies of love and care.

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